Alex Burrowes
Design & Art-Direction

Scottish Designer based in London with a focus on Design and Art-Direction.

Alex Burrowes
Design & Art-Direction

Scottish Designer based in London with a focus on Design & Art-Direction.

Art Direction, 3D
Tungsten Night Running

Task - Create a late-night, Road-Running Club themed shoot to showcase the R.A.D R-1 Night Running colourway and new 3M Road Runner tracksuit. The theme is based off old Tunsgsten Streetlights and a nod back to the original New York Marathon. 

Photographer: Andy Donohoe
Runners: Hannah & Noah

(While working at Fluoro London)

Nike London
Graphic Design, Digital
Nike Selects Sessions

Task - Create a Design-Mechanism for Nike London’s monthly, live discussion and Q&A with artists, athletes and creatives who are excelling in their given discipline. The design should reflect Nike’s core values and aesthetics and should be able to to be updated as simple as possible across Nike London’s channels. 

(While working at Stereo Creative)

Nike London
Graphic Design, Branding, OOH
Girls Participation Summit

Task - Create a visual identity for Nike’s Girls Participation Summit; an annual event held on International Day of the Girl. The aim is to empower adolescent girls and promote gender equality across all avenues in life.

(While working at Stereo Creative)

Nike By You

Task - Create mechanisms for Nike’s ‘Nike By You’ Franchise. The templates are to encourage Nike Members to get more involved in the Nike App and to inspire people to build their own shoe to match an outfit or their favourite colour.

(While working at Stereo Creative)

Timorous Beasties
Graphic Design, Rebrand
Timorous Beasties

Task - Bring the Studio’s Branding up to date while keeping the unique and bold designs at the forefront of customer’s and client’s attention.

Featured Timorous Beasties designs:
Seaweed & Shell
Kaleido Splatt All Over

(While working at Timorous Beasties)

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